Monday, June 11, 2012

Rough Start

So today was ok...I did really well all day until my hubby came home with Coldstone...but that is ok I am not going to deprive myself off all sweets just have to limit myself now that I have a had my dessert this week I will have to just wait until next week. Oh and I had a soda today too...I know tisk tisk, but when your an addict it is truly hard to stop cold-turkey. I go to my primary care physician tomorrow so I am sure I am going to get talked to about my weight. Well here's to better day tomorrow.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

90 day challenge

So tomorrow is the start of my 90 challenge with Visalus shakes. I am super excited. I know that I can do this. I also am going to quit drinking soda again...oh my gosh, it was so hard to stop last time, I am truly addicted to it. I have two really big problems that I have to overcome. The first is I am a stress eater, and I have a super stressful job and it has been extra stressful lately. Hence, my huge weight gain. My second problem is I don't exercise enough. It isn't that I don't like to exercise...I just have a hard time finding time to exercise. When I do have the time I am so tired from work or chasing Carrington. I have the Zumba dvds so I am going to try to do those at least 3 days of the week and some other activity the other days of the week, except my 12 hour shifts those days I am giving to myself as break. I am usually on my feet those entire 12 hours anyways. I will keep you posted on my favorite workouts etc. As for now, I am going to start slow and just go from there.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quest to be a chunky dunker again

So here I am 9 months post baby, weighing more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant...Sound wrong to you? Well this is my blog to get back to my chunky dunkin days. I was never extremely thin, so I couldn't say I was skinny it is chunky dunkin for the curvier girls. So YES, I want to be curvy, I don't want to be super thin. I just would not be caught dead chunky dunkin now. I want to be at a size that if someone caught me chunky dunkin, I wouldn't be mortified by the way I look. So here is to losing 65 pounds. I want to be back at 185lbs. I am slightly embarrassed to post thees photos, but motivation has to come from somewhere. As you can tell, I don't look real happy in the photos. But that is because I am really disappointed with myself, I have struggled with my weight all my life, and I was doing really well for a while. But after I had Carrington, my gorgeous daughter, 9 months ago I kind of let myself go. So if you want to join me great or if you just want to watch my transformation that is great too. Either way welcome and please don't be disappointed in me for my slip ups.